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The Honu Collection

Akoni Floating Coral

Akoni: Worthy 

  • Meaning: You are worthy of praise even when you make mistakes.
  • Akoni's color palette is all the colors of the ocean. Teals, aquas, and sapphire blues all swirl in and out of each other like the playful waters of the sea.
  • This necklace is 16-19 inches long.
  • Floating Coral is very special because it takes two months to make from the time that I choose the gemstones to finish... There are three woven gemstones on each link of the chain and it creates a wonderful cascading effect when you wear it on your body it's very soothing and it's very comforting to know that your little turtle has happy forest of coral to curl up in.
  • Yours will be your own, unique to you. Made for you and only you. Each one is handmade and will look a little different then the photo, if you would like an exact one please feel free to follow me on Insta or FB to see the most recent work :)



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