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Buy a unique piece of Jewelry and guarantee the adoption of a Sea Turtle Hatchling.

The Honu Collection

Is all about the celebration and conservation of sea turtles. The collection is created in four color palettes, that are inspired by the ocean colors, from sea foam greens to the deepest blue sea. Each "glass ocean" turtle shell is blown by hand and then crafted into fine jewelry and also a inspriational guide. Over the years these turtles have offered me powerful, transformational healing lessons about Gratitude, Trust, Creativity and Worthiness. These lessons changed my life, and that is why I offer them to you...

Akoni - Worthiness

Akoni's Story: You are worthy of praise even when you make really really really stupid mistakes. Know yourself, love yourself and you free yourself. Akoni was created to remind you, that you are worthy of praise at every part of your journey.

Akoni on Gold

Buy your unique Akoni Jewel and choose your favourite size and metal.

Mahalo - Gratitude

Mahalo's Story: A little bit of gratitude will change any attitude. Mahalo reminds you, to remind yourself, all the things and people you are grateful for.

Mahalo Apatite

Buy your unique Mahalo Turtle Jewel on an Apatite Gemstone Necklace right now. Send us your color preferences and we will make the perfect match for you!

Kalele - Trust

Kalele's Story: You are here for a reason, you have value, and your story is important. Of course, your story has villains, sorrows, and hardships, after all, what truly great superhero story doesn’t?

Kalele slide-up

Buy a unique Kelele Jewel on a Green Apatite Gemstone Necklace. Send us your color preferences and we will make it the perfect match for you!

Hana - Creativity

Hana's Story: Creativity comes from the unexplored, quiet part of your soul, Hana invites you to journey there, discover the riches, and then return with arms filled and overflowing with your shimmering gifts for the world.

Hana - Ring

All our rings are adjustable, and super comfortable, so you can change what finger you want to wear them on any time :)


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Studio Spot Lights ~Exact honus in the photo~

Mahalo SE L-28

Studio Spotlight pieces are the actual honus that I have here in my studio. With Spotlights you are looking at the exact honu you will recieve. This is also the place where I can play with colors and do unique fun stuff in glass.

Mahalo SE A-291

This is a beautiful Mahalo numbered a291 and she is so spectacular when you see her dancing in the sunlight!

Deep Sea Jellies

This is a stunning SE in cobalt. This is a great one for the collectors that are looking for something different...

Akoni Slide Up L-13

This is a beautiful special edition Akoni with deep blue and shimmering green sparkles...

Turtle Tidings


Mahalo for our collectors: