We adopt a turtle hatchling every time we make a sale! On Maui? Visit our kiosks on the boardwalk at Whalers Village and at Maui Ocean Center. Call us: (808) 298 6032

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Akoni - Worthy

You are worthy of praise even when you make really really really stupid mistakes.  Know yourself, love yourself and you free yourself. Akoni was created to remind you, that you are worthy of praise.

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Hana - Creativity

Creativity comes from the unexplored, quiet part of your soul, Hana invites you to journey there, discover the riches, and then return with arms filled and overflowing with your shimmering gifts for the world.

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Kalele - Trust

You are here for a reason, you have value, and your story is important. Of course, your story has villains, sorrows, and hardships, after all, what truly great superhero story doesn’t?

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Mahalo - Gratitude

A little bit of gratitude will change any attitude. Mahalo reminds you, to remind yourself, all the things and people you are grateful for.

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We post tons of amazing images with the turtles of Hawaii and our unique jewelry that helps support them. 

Our Mission is to use our proceeds to SAVE the TURTLES

Mission: The a celebration and conservation of sea turtles. My four color palettes, are inspired by the healing ocean colors, from sea foam greens to the deepest blue sea. Each turtle shell contains a "glass ocean", blown by hand and then crafted into fine jewelry. Over the years these sea turtles have offered me powerful, transformational healing lessons about Gratitude, Trust, Creativity and Worthiness. These lessons changed my life, as an artist and a healer I offer them to you.

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