We adopt a turtle baby sea turtle every time we make a sale! Visit our ocean front kiosks on the boardwalk at Whalers Village and at Maui Ocean Center. Call us: 808 298 6032


Fire sculpted Jewelry

Supporting Sea Turtle Conservation fire sculpted fine jewelry for sea turtle lovers

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Akoni - Worthy

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Kalele - Trust

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Mahalo - Gratitude

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Hana - Creativity

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Malama - Protect

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Kuipo: Sweetheart

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Shimmering silver


Why Sea turtles?

 Sea turtles have offered me powerful, transformational healing lessons about Gratitude, Trust, Creativity, and Worthiness.

These lessons changed my life, as an artist and a healer I offer them to you.


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We post tons of amazing images with the turtles of Hawaii and our unique jewelry that helps support them. 

The magical sparkle fairies of the deep


Turtle Tidings: Inspirational Magnetic Coasters

Cracks Of Light

Always keep swimming tward the cracks of light

Peace or Pieces

Every minute of every day you get to be in peace or pieces

Note to Self

Put one flipper in front of an other

Find your piece (peace) on instagram

Each one is a unique work of art, and I try to post a different one each day, which means yours is going to be one that speaks to your heart in whispers ....You will know her when you see her....

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