Welcome the Honu Collection Jewelry and Turtle Rescue

Buy a unique piece of Jewellery and guarantee the rescue of a Turtle Hatchling. Our mission is to protect the Sea turtles natural habitat on Maui, Hawaii, in the ever growing dangers they are facing from industry and tourism. Our art is made on Maui and inspired by its unique population of Sea turtles, especially by those we have rescued ourselves over the years of activism.


This projects has been called to life to help the Sea turtle population of Maui by Amy Wakingwolf.

Turtles, like many other sea creatures, suffer immensely from all kinds of human-made pollution. Especially on islands like Maui, where an ever increasing amount of visitors (about 2.6 Million in 2017) cause growth of all kinds in industries that can endanger the Sea Turtles habitat. This includes, for example, the expansion of Large Hotels and Land developments, an unnatural amount of single-use plastic in circulation, and quite simply more beach visitors than sleeping turtles can or should endure. 

Visitors are welcome here on Maui, and in many ways they are part of the culture and economy that makes living here so special. Yet it is important that they are made aware of the situation our unique wildlife is facing and how they can visit without causing any damage, or even better, help to maintain and improve their habitat. 

Our product, The Honu Collection, is a beautiful souvenir for visitors and people all around the world, a reminder to be aware of all living creatures that we share this planet with. 

Each of our "Honu's" is made with a specific saved Turtle in mind and a percentage of each sale online, or in one of our shops on the island, goes to financing the adoption of a Maui-native sea turtle hatchling, guaranteeing a steady population of the species.

Our Mission is to share beautiful glass blowing art in the shape of our "Honu's" and to use the profits to spread awareness and sustain a team of volunteers that helps Maui's Sea Turtles by building fences, monitoring and adopting hatch-lings, organizing beach clean-ups, protecting sleeping turtles from overly curious visitors, and providing education on how to safely act in the sea turtles habitat.

Years of fascination with these beautiful creatures have lead Amy to create a collection of Glass-Blown Jewellery in Honour of the most special Sea Turtles she has saved. Each with a different colour-pattern and a different philosophy in mind that those Turtles have represented in her life.

Read more about the Stories behind the Collection and the lessons they represent. 

Both, this website, and the content in our kiosks are made to inform visitors about how they can help with our mission to help sea turtles. 

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