We adopt a turtle baby sea turtle every time we make a sale! Visit our ocean front kiosks on the boardwalk at Whalers Village and at Maui Ocean Center. Call us: 808 298 6032

About Us

Welcome to our Honu World

Our goal is to help the sea turtle population of Maui.

Turtles, like many other sea creatures, suffer from all human-made pollution. Especially on islands like Maui, where an ever increasing amount of visitors (about 2.6 Million in 2017) cause growth of all kinds of industries that can endanger the sea turtles.

Visitors are welcome here on Maui, and in many ways they are part of the culture and economy that makes living here so special, yet it is important that they are made aware of the situation of our unique wildlife and how they can visit without causing any damage, or even better, help to maintain and improve their habitat. 

A percentage of each product sold here online, or in one of our shops on the island, supports the adoption of a Maui-native sea turtle hatchling, guaranteeing a steady population of the species.

Both, this website, and the content in our kiosks are made to inform visitors about how they can help with our mission to help sea turtles. 

To find out in detail how  'The Honu Collection' is made and what inspired CLICK HERE...

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To read about our latest adventures in Turtle rescue you can read the BLOG.


 Each hand blown glass Honu is born in to this life with Amy's signature, her very own number, and a purpose beyond being a shimmery reminder of your time in paradise; She is also here to be a shining ambassador for the voice of all sea turtles, and a reminder of the beautiful, fragile ecosystem that is our ocean.