We adopt a turtle baby sea turtle every time we make a sale! Visit our ocean front kiosks on the boardwalk at Whalers Village and at Maui Ocean Center. Call us: 808 298 6032

Turtle TV | The Honu Collection

Aloha, welcome, explore and enjoy!


Amy invites you on  70-second mini vacations of her most inspirational parts of Maui for you to stop, breathe, relax and heal...before going on with your busy day.

We are committed to supporting sea turtle in every way possible, time money and education. Sometimes  our whole team camps out all summer long at sea turtle nests, making sure each hatchling makes it to the sea!

 This is amazing 3 hour footage of sea turtles floating around, and enjoying  colorful fish and corals. I put this on my large living room TV when ever I want to relax and enjoy looking at these amazing creatures!

Hawksbill hatchlings make their way to the sea.  If you would like to learn more about hawksbills, be a turtle volunteer, or donate to the Hawaii Wildlife Fund, please visit www.wildhawaii.org.
This another three hours of relaxation to enjoy while making dinner or cleaning the house....so peaceful...
Awesome video on Sea Turtle Hatchlings. A great overview of the ancient triumphant journey to the ocean.