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Pilikana Relationship, Kin, Family.
Pilikana Relationship, Kin, Family.

Pilikana Relationship, Kin, Family.

The Honu Collection

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Pilikana represents our deepest relationships with our dance partners through life. For me, this is what Hawai'i is truly about.

Pilikana represents the bond between entwined souls, be it life partners, sisters, parent and child, or any other of our deepest bonds with loved ones.

I have been asked so many times to make this for collectors that I felt it was time to add it to our collection.

You can chose your pairing from these color stories, or you can mix and match something more custom and I am happy to do that for you either in chat or email.

 Your Pilikana will be a part of your life's story forever and a day, a tale told in molten glass, and a love story told by wise and graceful sea turtles for all the world to see.


Pilikanas come on our adjustable chains 0-24" long.