Inspired by Dr. Christine Blassy Ford

Inspired by Dr. Christine Blassy Ford

#267 ...Lenna.... It means Brave Lion and she is inspired by Dr. Christine Blassy Ford... Her bravery is humbling inspiring and it gave permission to so so many women and men to speak their pain and release it. We are learning to is a first step, I'm deeply inspired by her quiet elegant roar heard round the world.....hand blown glass, shimmering teal islands. With lots of magical sparkle just like her...

I honor all the people (1 in 3 females, and 1 in 6 males) speaking their truth, giving voice to their pain...healing because the world is finally ready to hear us.

And I honor all the men who are trying to change....trying to see past their privilege, and to our pain...

And I even honor the men that are railing against us...they are feeling trapped and powerless and forced against their will to accept painful ugly things they desperately want to fight.. and I know what that feels like and I would not wish that on anyone.